Unfortunately, we all know the story that happens more often than realized, and the consequential dialog — Someone erupts into a fiery ball of courage, and broadly speaks out about a past or present abuse, that in effect, triggers others to do the same, revealing a history of systemic abuse…

The story of the positivity jar

Positivity Jar: Large glass vase, decorated by a creative 12 year old.

My family has experienced hardship for quite some time, and we’ve been slowly sanded down into a sea of depression, negativity, and hopelessness. My teens are 12 & 13, opposite in every way, and have a relationship that swings like a pendulum from allies to enemies at any moment.


I’ve had a dangerous past of being right. Through high school, I was the kid who corrected the teachers, told her peers how they should conduct their business, and also the girl everyone wanted to copy answers from. These behaviors followed me into college where I obtained 2 degrees, with…

My Korat Kitten named Galdalf the Grey. Korats have 5 heart shapes on their body!

How my experiences have given me purpose

I have a long history of jackasses in my life.

I had a father who, in anger, reminded me that I would only grow up to be some man’s whore. He would call me stupid on good days. My mother always made fun of my physique — My legs were…

…is that there was someone who came before you

Someone who taught her to question herself first before all others
someone who taught her that she was good, but not good enough
Yes, there was someone before you.

Someone taught her to study her surroundings
Cataloguing every expression, every emotion…

The past week I’ve been contributing to the open-source project Nodezoo

One of the nuances of micro-services is managing working copies in multiple repositories, that are being consumed in a central repository.

The problem:

In the below file structure, you see that nodezoo-system has nodezoo-web as a dependency and is…

Why is it, that in a world that is currently celebrating diversity, we still continue to narrow that diversity by filtering job applicants by their ability to whiteboard or live program?

When I talk about diversity, I’m not referencing a tangible attribute. Diversity is more than just skin deep; its…


I dream in Javascript

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